Texts and Translations


Madhouse Texts is a small text and translation agency that offers writing, editing and translating services in both English and Dutch. Whether you need help setting up a business talk, translating an IT-manual, or writing a (scientific) article, Madhouse Texts can offer you the necessary expertise.

Madhouse Texts aims to create the best possible writings. A text that stands out, is lucid and catchy but never loses sight of its target audience. By asking the right questions, Madhouse Texts will deliver the writing you are looking for in clear and memorable wording with attention to cultural context.

All writings require a certain amount of knowledge, a bit of flair and open communications. Therefore, Madhouse Texts will always consider your wishes and preferences. Curious about what Madhouse Texts can do for you? Fill out the Contact Form or get in touch with me directly for more information!


Writing is about more than putting words to ‘paper’. Whether you want to explain a procedure or tell a story, Madhouse Texts can help you find the right words to convey the information and engage the reader. Bring a corporate presentation to life or create an animated press release with Madhouse Texts by your side.

Text Editing

You have written a story but are unsure about the quality of language? You have a large amount of client documentation but cannot find the right tone of voice? Madhouse Texts can proofread, edit, or rewrite your text: fine-comb it for language errors, give it a general layout boost, or submit it to a complete structural make-over.


Whether you translate from Dutch to English or vice versa, correct translations are an asset to any industry. Madhouse Texts translates your texts and ideas accurately while keeping the so very important storyline intact. All content will be carefully checked with special attention to consistency in terminology use.

Curious? Please, contact me by filling out the contact form. Or, email me directly at