“Martine is an excellent worker and a talented person. She is attentive, conscientious, perceptive and always well-prepared. Above all, she is a very subtle and impressive writer. Moreover, Martine is very clearly a particularly outgoing, thoughtful and highly likable person. You will find her, I am certain, highly receptive, intelligent and alert. She showed a huge amount of enthusiasm; she hit every deadline easily and took the work-load in her stride. She undoubtedly has the straightforward maturity, commitment and conscientiousness (and the language skills – her English is absolutely excellent). I can very warmly recommend Martine to you; she is just the kind of person most likely to flourish in her career.”

Dr. Michael NewtonEnglish Language and Culture Leiden University

“Als werkgever van mevrouw Jansen kan ik bevestigen dat ik prettig heb kunnen samenwerken met Martine. Zij heeft in al de jaren bij de Rabobank laten zien dat zij in zelfstandig werkt, analytisch is en in staat is om te werken in een complexe en turbulente omgeving. Verder heb ik Martine ervaren als respectvol, integer en professioneel, gewaardeerd voor haar vriendelijkheid, bereidheid tot samenwerken en probleemoplossend vermogen. Ik zou Martine dan ook van harte aanbevelen en ben ervan overtuigd dat zij een waardevolle ondersteuning zal zijn in andere organisaties.”

Hermen BrokelmanManager COO BS Rabobank Nederland

“I found Ms. Jansen to be very intelligent and extremely efficient and versatile. She is very adaptable to any environment and speaks several languages fluently (her English is excellent). Ms. Jansen was particularly effective in coordinating the editing, peer reviews and related work for two forthcoming issues of the Natural Resources Forum. She is a very serious worker and team player, who was a great asset to our work. Moreover, she was exposed to many of the important issues before the United Nations, including human rights and sustainable development. She is a very able professional, and a woman of integrity and principle. She has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. I was very pleased to have her assistance.”

Marcia BrewsterSenior Economic Affairs Officer and Editor-in-Chief Natural Resources Forum United Nations New York

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